The International Board Game Academy (IBGA) uses fun elements of modern board gaming to raise a young generation of critical thinkers that value teamwork and introspection.

IBGA’s curriculum inspires children (age 7-16) to discover & excel at modern board games. Key mechanics in the selected board games allow our coaches to impart 21st Century Competencies that nurture every child to become creative thinkers & solution seekers with a vision to build a better world that values progress, diversity and inclusiveness.

IBGA also provide an avenue to foster a spirit of excellence through competitive board gaming, undergirded by exemplary sportsmanship.

Help your child uncover their unique life skills through playtime! We provide education that Bridge Life Skills from Childhood to Adulthood.

Are you wondering…. how to nurture your child’s distinct life skills from a young age? According to UNICEF, the three vital components of life skills are Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Skills, and Self-Management Skills.

  1. Critical thinking empowers your child to enhance their decision-making abilities and devise innovative solutions to problems, ultimately shaping them into more effective decision-makers.
  2. Interpersonal skills enable your child to grasp both verbal and nonverbal communication, fostering active listening and constructive interaction with others. This, in turn, equips them to express their emotions and offer feedback in a socially appropriate manner.
  3. Self-management skills empower your child to develop an internal locus of control, understand and evaluate their emotions and inner world, and bolster their confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to better navigate adversity and setbacks.

In partnership with Edventure@Bedok, we’ve designed a curriculum that allows your child to explore all three of these components in a fun-packed half-day session every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. Within this well-crafted learning environment, your child will progressively absorb educational elements and improve their behavior and thinking alongside their peers. At the end of their each session, your child will have the opportunity to reflect on their thoughts and experiences, facilitating personal growth.

Don’t miss the chance to have your child experience our session today, starting with our $2 trial session. Parents can participate for free!

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$250 per term

Every Saturday 10am to 4pm
7 years old and above.

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